Do you offer both Videography and Photography?

I am qualified to offer both services but now, we only offer one at a time. You can book either Photography or Video depending on which service you need.

How do we receive the images?

High Resolution images on a disc and the online gallery of your images.

How long will I have to wait to receive my images?

WEDDING (Images)

The Turnaround time is 7 – 14 Days for One-Day service. If the wedding is two days, the turnaround time is 21 Days excluding the day of the shoot.


The Wedding Video turnaround time is 14 Days – 28 Days.

Will my wedding be onSocial Media?

Some of the images will be displayed on our Website and Social Media Pages .e.g. Facebook and Instagram. Unless agreed otherwise.

How many photographers will be capturing my wedding?


There are two photographers (the 2nd Photographer and myself) standard for all our collections. The second Photographer would be with the groom from prep until the ceremony or first look and then would shoot opposite me throughout the ceremony ensuring different angles are being captured


Two Videographers but three Video Cameras will be capturing. The other Video Camera focuses to the Bride and groom table and the two will be moving around ensuring different angles are being captured.


What to wear for your Portrait Photography Session

Proper co-ordination is essential to create a memorable photograph of a family group or couple.

The goal of a portrait is to direct the viewer’s attention to the face/s in the portrait, so you should choose colours and clothing carefully. These guidelines will help you to prepare for your portrait session.

  • Try to dress the in similar colours so that no one stands out because he or she is dressed in a lighter, darker or brighter outfit than the others in the portrait.
    • Dissimilar colours in groups tend to be more distracting.
    • Solid colours are best. First, decide whether the basic tone of the clothing will be warm toned (brown, etc) pr cool toned (blues/grays/blacks).
  • Tone down bright colour.
    • Bright colours attract attention away from the face and maybe reflective.
    • Avoid Wearing Red, Bright Pink, Bright Green etc.

Final thoughts

Your Portraits are meant to be enjoyed for generations to come. Put that effort when deciding to take on that portrait session as those efforts will be worthwhile. You will feel well rewarded when you view your photographs.

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